Dear Customer, we would like to inform you that in our company TBB a.s., new version of the international offset printing standard ISO 12647-2:2013 has been successfully implemented, which focuses on efforts to better deal with the phenomenon of optical brighteners used in paper in practice, as was the previous standard ISO 12647-2:2009 click here for more.


FSC® Certification (valid from 02/2008 to 7 February 2023)
In January 2018, we successfully underwent recertification of the FSC transfer control system, with a subcontracting extension. In 2017, we produced more than 23.5 million FSC-labeled books.

Certification for social conduct Sedex SMETA-4-pillar (2-pillar valid from 11/2012, 4-pillar valid from 1/2017)
In January 2017 we were successfully audited for social conduct Sedex SMETA, in which we went to 4-pillar certification, which in addition to the social sphere, OHS and Environment Protection includes also the compliance assessment in the Business Ethics sphere.

PSO certification (regular recertification from 07/2008, valid until 31 August 2018)
In August 2016 we were successfully audited by Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. for control of processes according to the PSO standard (Prozess-Standard Offsetdruck) in terms of printing standards ISO 12647-2/2013. The recertification confirmed constant quality control of colour management processes, proofing, printing plates production and sheet-fed offset printing.

PDF/X Certification (regular recertification from 03/2008, valid until April 2018)
In April 2016 we were successfully re-certified by Fogra and fulfilled standards FograCert PDF/X Output, in accordance with requirements of ISO 15930.

Audit of Code of Conduct of Suppliers (from 05/2008, conformity with CoC valid to 11.6.2018 )
In June 2015, the successful re-audit has confirmed the compliance with the McDonald's Supplier Code of Conduct and our commitment to the Code.

IMS certification (valid from 09/2006 to 5 September 2018)
In April 2017, a surveillance audit of our integrated management system (IMS) was successfully performed according to the requirements of international standards of ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and Management System of Health and Safety at Work OHSAS 18001.

Interesting facts

Spine Gluing and Lining Machine KOLBUS RF 700
Through the installation of the spine gluing and lining machine RF 700 from the company Kolbus in January this year we gained block gluing capacity increase and that up to the speed of 70 cycles per minute with the possibility of in-line endpaper gluing. On the RF line we have the possibility of gluing with combination of water-based and hotmelt glue or with two water-based glues. A great advantage of using two water-based glues is that the resulting binding is more flexible in the fold and pages are more easily opened (Lay-Flat book).

HEIDELBERG Stahlfolder KH82-P
In December 2016, we installed two HEIDELBERG Stahlfolder KH82-P folding machines. The short make-ready times needed to prepare and change the format allow us to flexibly respond to various types of orders. Machines provide the advantage of a combined (pocket and knife) folding of Pallet Feeder eXtended Pallet Feeder (PFX), with the option of shingle folding thus increasing the production capacity of the machine up to 50%.

Heidelberg XL106
In September 2015, we have successfully installed a new eight colour offset printing machine from Heidelberg XL106 equipped with perfector behind the fourth printing tower. The machine is capable of printing at the speed of up to 18,000 sheets per hour with demands on high printing quality according to ISO 12647-2 standards. The machine contains a number of options, which are aimed at shortening the make-ready times such as automatic plate loading, higher automation level and implementation of software enhancements and built-in quality assurance feature.

Komfi Sagitta76
In July 2015 we added a second laminator to the existing one - a professional laminating machine Sagitta 76 from the company KOMFI. The machine can handle jobs up to B1 format with operating speeds up to 50 m/min. The main advantage is the ability to process any standard or metalized laminating film of up to 50 microns thickness. The machine is equipped with a movable hot knife - "Hot Knife Technology" for improved sheet separation.

Hugo Beck Servo X
In March 2015 we installed second book packaging machine Servo X from the company Hugo Beck. It has been supplemented with a PRISMA control system, which signals the presence of magnetic and non-magnetic metals. It can detect and discard products in-line in the packaging process, if they contain any unwanted small fragments of metal particles.

Bograma BSM 450/750
In February 2015, we successfully installed automated cutting, perforating and punching line BS Multi 450/750 Servo from the Swiss producer Bograma AG. The line enables cutting or die-cutting a wide range of different shapes for booklets, attachments, paperbacks and other products that can be made in one-up, two-up, three-up or multiple-up production, up to 4 mm block thickness with a perfect quality cut grade without damaging the spine of the glued binding. The final product can have from a marketing point very eye-catching and attractive shape for example a tree, a butterfly, or other shapes.

Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST500
In November 2014, we upgraded our machine park by installing a fully automated wire stitching machine Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 500 with seven feeders with the possibility of manual feeding of special attachments. Subsequently, the semi-finished products can be produced in one-up, two-up or three-up production with cutting directly in the machine. The maximum format can be bound with up to six classic staples or eyelet staples. A brand new option is wire stitching with the so called "Lego staples" that ensures increased safety of the final product for child reader.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TD 112
In May 2014 we installed the second folding machine from Heidelberg company. The Stahlfolder TD 112 is highly flexible and capable of handling sheets of a large variability in double-production, which means that the sheet is cut in the infeed section and subsequently two sheets are processed at the same time with high folding precision.

Hugo Beck Servo X
In April 2014 we installed Hugo Beck book packaging machine Servo X. It is an advanced fully automatic forming, filling and sealing machine for complete film wrapping with a floating movement of the sealing bar. The machine is able to pack different types of products with different packaging formats, individually or in groups in the PP, PO or PE film.

Renz InLine 500
In April 2014 we enlarged our capacity by installing RENZ fully-automated line InLine 500 for binding wall or desktop calendars and book blocks using Wire-O spiral. Ever since, the wire-bound calendars and books bound in a spiral with the diameter of 1/4" (5.5 mm) to 1"(25.4 mm) with round or square holes can be manufactured in our company. The new machine allows producing a large range of formats of the book blocks from 70 mm up to 500 mm with the option of a background with overlapping or not overlapping.

In January 2013 we succesfully installed the latest generation of the KOLBUS BF 530 book production line which handles hard cover, flexi and PVC binding. Kolbus BF 530 and other components form in TBB a unique dynamic system able to produce the highest quality products at speeds up to 70 cycles per minute and a very wide variety of formats with high performance. Its servo motors provide very short set-up times in production.

The First Climate (CO2) Neutral Printing House in Central Europe
From 2010 we have had a completed and regularly updated detailed statement of TBB's greenhouse gases. Based on this, we started to offer climate (CO2) neutral printing of our products bearing our internationally registered label. The customer ensures the climate (CO2) neutrality by financial support of one of the international environmental projects.

New Technology
In November 2010 we installed technology CITO. CITO technology is cutting and scoring of sheets in offset printing machines. This technology allows us to efficiently and accurately refine printed sheets.

Third PSO Certified Printing House in Central Europe
During first half of year 2008 the extensive process inspection was performed at our printing house by company Fogra in accordance with PSO (Process-Standard offset printing) in terms of printing standard ISO 12647-2. In July 2008 we obtained the certification declaring the observance of standard values for production steps as follows: management of colours, print proof production, production of printing plates and sheet machine printing. By standardization of the above mentioned processes we guarantee maximum colour fidelity between proofs from certified graphic studios and our printing to all our clients all over the world.

First FSC certified printing house in Czech and Slovak republic
At the end of January 2008 we were successfully certified for standard FSC, which solves all-society activity related to ecological awareness and effort for efficient use of wood material. Also our company participates this activity and produces FSC certified books on request.


For help and support in organizing the 39th annual national survey of high school vocational activities.
Secondary Technical School of Jozef Murgaš - Ing. Kamil Kordík, director of STS of J. Murgaš Secondary Specialized School Pod Bánošom - Ing. Pavel Fiľo, director of SSS Pod Bánošom

For 25 years of cooperation and participation in the event.
Frankfurt Book Fair - Juergen Boos, Director of The Frankfurt Book Fair


The Most Beautiful Slovak Books

In May 2017 the jubilee 25th year of The Most Beautiful Books of Slovakia Competition was held. The main organizer of the competition is BIBIANA, an international Children´s Art House, with 50 years of tradition. So far, BIB has been considered to be the largest non-commercial event of its kind in the world. During the 50-year existence of the BIB and its 25 Years, there were 7,580 illustrators from 110 countries with 59,860 original illustrations and over 9,500 books. We can proudly say that despite the strong competition of 134 books and student papers, the jury of the competition decided as well as in the previous years to award us again on 4 May 2017 with one of the awards:


for the book

Jana Geržová - Juraj Mojžiš a kol.: Daniel Fisher

As every year, in addition to the six major awards, the Jury has selected 20 most beautiful publications, 4 of which come from our production:

Ján Steinhübel: Nitrianske kniežatstvo
Jana Geržová, Juraj Mojžiš a kol.: Daniel Fisher
Marián Pauer: Karol Plicka
Andrej Bán: Na juh od raja

Golden Seal 2016

Awarded in the categories:
Book: for excellent print processing of the collection of books
Non-traditional print processing: for non-traditional print processing of set of books
Calendars: for the set of wall calendars
Catalogs: for the catalog "Honey Meadows"

Golden Seal 2015
Awarded in the categories: Excellent print processing, Non-traditional print processing, Wall calendars and diaries, Other printed matter. Awarded for: Jan Saudek - Posterbook

Golden Seal Bibliotheca 2014
Awarded in the categories: Excellent print processing of the books Bratislava, Viktor Wynd`s, Armutszeugnisse, Fotografia, Milujte sa s láskou, MUUZA 2014, Zviera, Móda High-quality level of catalogues Wall calendars and diaries awarded for the processing of the book GUnaGU

Golden Seal 2013
Awarded in the categories: Non-traditional print processing Pferde, Altes Ägypten, Die Erde, Autos Excellent processed books Dalí Bible Wall calendars and diaries



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