TBB - Krédo

Being a customer-oriented European printing house, producing products of high added value, we consider it our mission to participate in spreading knowledge and information.

Our mission goes hand in hand with our values:

  • We approach each product and service of business partners responsibly and with respect, we guide employees to understand their possibilities and needs. We elevate the relationship with the customer to a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • We build our position on the market exclusively through ethical methods, respect for legislative requirements and fulfillment of values such as reliability, accuracy, acceptable price, friendliness and correctness.
  • The employees are our company's most valuable asset. Only with collectively oriented effort of skilled professionals and competent colleagues we can achieve success.
  • We consider the protection of environment as one of our prime missions. We actively endeavour to protect our surroundings by minimizing the risks of the impact to the living environment and our employees.